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Creating an e-commerce platform with Couchbase 2.0

For the last couple of months, I’ve been involved in the development of an e-commerce website named, focused on beautiful, unique products created by designers all over the world with a story behind. When I first met @swilera, @eoingalla … Continue reading

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Unas cuantas frases sobre programación

Me ha llegado este mail de un compañero de LSI y me he descojonado. Entre paréntesis van mis comentarios 🙂 “Debugging es dos veces más difícil que escribir el código en primer lugar. Entonces si escribes el código tan astutamente … Continue reading

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Choose the right language

(This post is a continuation for this one) Many students find themselves in a trouble when they have to decide which programming language to choose when they are developing the final project of their university studies. As a lecturer and … Continue reading

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