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Pablo CasadoBorn on the 2nd March, 1981. Master in Computer Science and Informatics, living in Barcelona.

I worked as a developer, consultant, team leader and project manager for a number of large-scale technological projects for a variety of companies and institutions. I also spoke in several conferences such as SpainJS Madrid 2013 and CouchConf Berlin 2012.

As a part of my job as a lecturer at BarcelonaTech (www.upc.edu), I have published, in collaboration with some colleages, several papers in international congresses and workshops, many of them related to education and mobile technologies. This is a short list of them:

  • Moodbile – A mobile extension of a web based moodle the virtual classroom (here)
  • J2MEMicroDB: An Open Source Distributed Database Engine for Mobile Applications (both here and here)
  • CAMPUS Project: An integration platform (spanish, here)

In my spare time (if any), I like skiing, taking photos (got film?) or riding my Ducati motorcycle.


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  1. Steven Graf says:

    Hi Pablo, I came to your blog by Google, searching for a Data Recovery Script Developer.
    However, the reason I´m contacting you is, I got an Idea for a new End User Data Recovery Solution. Background is that my wife threw away an USB Stick with important Pictures from her College time. I know that deleted pictures are not gone forever, mostly just removed from index and even when the USB Stick does not work anymore the NAND chip probably still does.
    And then I recognized that there are so many people out there, which are using Devices to store data, but they all have no clue what to do in case the data get lost or they can´t open them anymore. Well, now you could say there are thousands of Software Solutions to cover this case, but I have talked to some other random people about this and they didn´t even know what to buy or bought the wrong software. One woman even told me that her PC didn´t start anymore they kind of giving up before trying. for those and other i like to create an User Friendly Solution, which can actually be used for all kind of devices (Hard disks, USB Sticks, SD Cards, Floppy, a.s.o), but the Solution must be intelligent enough to automatically recognize the format of the device and choose the correct scripts to display and recover the data on the device. the User should only choose if he wants to all or just selected data and if he wants to place them back to the where it belongs or another location. Also the Solution should not be expensive, because specially persons who don´t know much about technics might not be willing to spend too much to fix it. As a System Engineer I know that this won´t be easy, but I truly want to try to give them a hand. Now I´m looking for developers, who can help me creating something to help them..
    best regards,

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